USDA Scrapie Identification

USDA requires that GOATS and SHEEP in transit or sold be identified with a traceable identification method.

 The animals can carry a USDA registered ear tag identifying the breeder of the animal or, in the case of goats, the animal can be tattooed.

Tattooing alone (without ear tagging) is acceptable only so long as it recorded in an approved data base and the registration papers accompany the animal in transit.

The challenge that some breeders have in using the 'tattoo only' method is that there is not a approved data base for their breed.

Not only does Pedigree International maintain a database for specific breeds but we also maintain an open data base for any and all goats that are not accepted in other data bases. This could include Cashmere, Pack goats or even grade dairy goats that do not fit into the registration guidelines of the ADGA or AGS.

A certificate of recordation is issued to the breeder and the information is permanently maintained within our database in accordance with the USDA requirements.

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