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A listing of Savanna Breeders that register with us appears below the following comments.  
Simply scroll past our comments if you are in a hurry to find a breeder.
Established in 2000 as the original registry for the Savanna goat in the USA.  Pedigree International remains the largest database in North America for the Savanna goat.

All breeders listed are ACTUALLY current and active breeders in the Savanna industry as of this current year. We do not list inactive, deceased or charter breeders.  If you are shopping for a Savanna goat one of these breeders will be happy to hear from you.

A note from Pedigree International to those interested in the Savanna breed as it is represented here at P.I. :
     Fullblood, Purebred and Percentage goats are represented in the P.I. database.  Status of FB, PB or Percentage is determined by the actual % of Savanna blood 
contributed to the offspring by the Sire and Dam of the animal being submitted for registration and not by any 'judgement call' on behalf of the registrar or any other person.
P.I. does not set a breed standard. We believe two important facts.  
     First, a breed standard has already been set by individuals of high integrity and long standing within the Savanna breed.  Those breed standards can be viewed here:  
     A breed standard is just that,  A STANDARD, set to assist breeders as a benchmark as they proceed in breeding for outstanding offspring. A breed standard is not a list of suggestions that are changed at the whim of any one person to allow more (and often inferior) animals to appear to 'meet the standard'.  A standard is a guideline, a road map, a ever steady beacon, pointing the way to the end goal of superior animals that will preform, in sometimes, adverse conditions.  If it is continually changed the traveler will soon find himself off course and the original goal will never be attained.
     Second, we believe that the market will dictate what it needs.  Inferior animals simply do not preform well over the long haul. Strength of foundation in the herd and the integrity of the herdsman will, in the end, lead one to the desired end.
     There has also been the issue of Savannas of COLOR that is cropping up.  YES, we are seeing Fullblood Savannas producing offspring with red heads and other markings that some find less then desirable. It is the 'opinion' of this writer that just as paints and solid reds began to show up in the Boer breed (because it was IN their DNA and a genetic fact) that there is 'color' within the gene pool of the Savanna.  Color shows up in the Savannas even in South Africa.  Some think it is the dishonest breeder adding Boer blood to their herds that is putting the color on the ground.  Although this can be the cause in some cases, this writer does not think that every case of COLOR in a Savanna is achieved by dishonest, or slothful herd management, it simply HAPPENS ... naturally.
The question has come up as to weather Savannas with color should be disallowed or 'demoted' in status within the Savanna herdbook due to the appearance of color. P.I. does not think Savannas of color should be discriminated against.  A) A Savanna is a fullblood or a percentage based on parentage and NOT on color or breed standard. B) If you are a breeder that wants to eliminate the 'color gene' from your herd, and perhaps the entire Savanna population, then you best KNOW where it is. The best way to know where the color is coming from it to track it through pedigree representation.
Lastly, DNA. Some are being told that DNA can tell if a Savanna is PURE or NOT.  DNA can ONLY verify parentage.  It can tell if buck A or buck B is the sire of a specific kid.  DNA CAN NOT TELL YOU IF THERE IS BOER, SPANISH, KIKO or any other bred in the DNA of your 'supposed' Savanna goat.  DNA is a tool, it is NOT the be all and end all.  It can not make a dishonest breeder honest.  THINK ABOUT it, a liar and a cheat will always find a way to cheat, it is not difficult to figure out how to 'out smart' a buyer using a DNA report.  P.I. does not require DNA testing or archiving because we know the limits of doing such.  We do provide the opportunity and ability of our clients to achieve DNA testing or archiving if they so choose. Be careful you are not lulled into a false sense of security just because someone says DNA. 
Our purpose at P.I. is to assist the breeder.  When a client purchases a goat that is registered within another database and asks us to enter that animal into the P.I. database (dual registering it)  we do so knowing full well that regardless of the heroics any registrar offers to maintain a true and accurate database that accidents, errors and fraud happen.   Here at P.I. we make every effort to assure the information we receive and enter is accurate and true.  In the end it is the quality of the animal that matters most. As a buyer, look over the animal you are considering purchasing.  Evaluate each animal against a strong breed standard. Be sure that you like what you see.  THEN take a look at the 'paperwork'. Most of all, be sure you are buying from a breeder of integrity.
Registration papers assist a breeder in developing a strong breeding program.  They can help the breeder and the industry to achieve various goals. They are a worthwhile tool.  Use them as such.
Thank you for taking the time to read this far,
Pedigree International
SEMEN:  If you are looking for Savanna semen you may want to contact DALE COODY, LAWTON OKLAHOMA.  Contact info below
State Last Name First Name Address City Telephone Email Website
AL Hardin Shawn & Amy 401 Hardin Drive Guin 205 495-4964
AR Langle Carl 1658 Liberty Road Viola 870 458-2140
AR LaRue Robert 12624 Irina Drive Benton 501 794-2787
AR McMillian Kathryn 1404 South Camp Creek Rd Camp 870 895-4626
AR Pitzen Michael 3573 Coweta Falls Rd Harrison 870 743-2135
AR Walker Marilyn 1081 Polk Rd 31 Cove 870 387-6702
CO Hulet Tom 2218 5900 RD Olathe 970 275-6473
FL Aitken Martha 282 Mayflower Glen FT White 256 883-9714
IA Vicary Steve 2733 Niles Trail  Logan 402 203-2165
IA Wall Dustin & Jennifer 2145 235th Ave Manchester 563 599-8440
ID Farms Beckstead 3436 W 2200 SO Weston 208 339-6428
ID Patton Mike & Julie 2343 S 1800 E Gooding 208 934-4086
IL Kleiner Shad 825 Old Hwy 127 Greenville 618 304-2719
IL Snider Francine 3560 Happy Hollow Rd Goreville 618 751-3228
IL Theus Susan 1334 S. 16000 W Rd Reddick 708 243-9910
IN Baize Jesse 4315 W 200 S Owensville 812 385-2874
IN Brooks Greg 1183 S 600 E Greenfield 260 388-7763
IN Dunning Rex & Charlene 7410 West 600 South Atlanta 317 752-6224 or 317 752-6226
IN Luton Chris 4445 E Co Rd 900 S Stendal 812 483-6780 none
IN Minton Shane & Melissa 12600 Kiddie Ln Lynnville 812 403-0019
IN Warner Brian 28640 Rankert Rd Walkerton 574 213-4958
KS Lilly David 33530 W 23RD St S. Garden Plain 316 641-5018
KS Miller Blake 10467 NW 2300 Rd Garnett 785 733-2210
KS Voigtlander Andrew 833 Trail Rd Grenola 620 358-3351
KY Cooper Karen 8190 Warsaw Rd Dry Ridge 859 428-3076
KY Markham Eddie 1808 Spout Spring Rd Franklin 270 586-3438
MI Hook Ormand 14622 190th Ave Big Rapids 231 796-2549
MN Anderson Frank 63362 County Rd 68 Zumbro Falls 507 753-2651
MN Morrisette Arlene 2486 State 6 NE Remer 218 566-3548
MN Mortensen Raymond 1930 135 Ave Clear Lake 320 743-2150
MO Blankenship Robby & Donna RT 71 Box 1485 Alton 417-778-6224
MO Cain Sharon R1 Box 142 Birch Tree 5730325-8726
MO Medley Sam 12851 West Farm Road 64 Ash Grove 479 899-3878
MO O Neill Tim 7150 Frm Rd 1182
Verona 417 574-6121
MO Shane Michael & MaryLou 32389 Hwy N SEDALIA 660 619-0862
MO Vazquez Sharon 51755 Otter Road Milan 660 292-1815
MO Victor Matthew & Julie 1114 Highway B Salem 573 729-5575
MS Young Kenneth 1528 Greensboro Rd Eupora 662 258-3508
MT Becker Donald & Ann Marie 2865 Lower Lost Prairie Rd Marion 406 858-2403
NB McKee Delos & Lynette 3785 Hwy 183 Elm Creek 308 627-4623
NC Routh Sara 1092 Esther Rd West End 336 682-0530
NC Routh William & Susanna 206 Balsam Cir Troy 910 571-0299
NC Swain Teresa 2035 Sevenity Tr Yadkinville 336 306-5959
NC Whitley DR Niki PO Box 21928 Greensboro 336 334-7956 or 336 285-4684
NV McCracken Ralph 3421 Wall St Pahrump 702 499-4550 / 702 336-4039
OH Merriman James & Peg 5047 State Route 66 Oakwood 419 594-2952
OH Motta Alan & Pamela 2783 Bert Reed Memorial Rd Felicity 513 739-9383
OK Coody Dale 104 S. State Hwy 65 Lawton 580 695-8202 cell
OK Deutsch Leo 101933 S HWY 99 Prague 405-819-9399
OK Drake Kristin 1291 S Old Highway Rd Caney 405 822-5291
OR Isenberger Jennifer 865 Howell Prairie Rd SW Salem 503 910-7643
PA Sweitzer Mark 9940 N Main St EXTD Glen Rock 717 801-7442
PA Browning Aaron 4822 Glade Pike Manns Choice 814 623-0002
SC Bouchillon John 1235 Fellowship Rd Wiliston 803 266-3428
SC Clamp Kevin & Melanie 421 Shore Road Gilbert 803 447-8264
SC Harrell Tony PO Box 54 Hampton 803 943-4236 none none
SC Hill Willis 2217 S Hill Rd Timmonsville 843 206-7552
SC Winchester Jerry 920 Jerrys Drive Walhalla 864 638-9046
SD Dahl Jason or Karlia 46918 190th St Estellne 605 880-1354
SD England George A 25468 255th St Midland 605 344-2560
TN Cox Anna & Cecil 246 Carroll Lake Road McKenzie 731 352-4652
TN Dunagan Stan 3500 Gate #3 Rd Paris 731 336-8806
TN Hunter Christy 2533 Cave Springs Rd Springfield
TN McCulley Dwayne 2610 Branden Rd Mason 901 212-9009
TN Wilson Danny 4225 Blue Springs Road Smithville 615 597-1586
TN Crouch Ann 4142 Turnersville Rd Cedar Hill 615 394-3944
TX Fisher Deborah PO Box 573 Elkhart 903 764-2533
TX Fouse Jack & Doris 7670 FM 1803 Athens 903 469-4173
TX Noel Paula 100 Jennings Rd Electra 940 495-3803
TX Pierce Kristina 17230 Bell Street Hockley 832 392-1946
TX Rollins Alvin PO Box 367 Vega 806 267-2985
TX Rutledge Larry 8412 E FM 580 Kempner 940 733-6018
TX Stallcup Ronnie 15572 Fm 172 Scotland 940 541-2491
VA Ballif Jamie 1070 Beaver Dam Road Keswick 434 531-1393
VA Griffin Bruce & Staci 12449 E Gretna Rd Gretna 434 335-4186
VA Rosenberg Patti 938 Elletts Mill Rd Burkeville 214 914-0323
VA Tilson Linda 11080 Hazel River Road Rixeyville 540 937-3788
VA Webb Jr. N.J. 14385 Rattlesnake Trail Ivor 757 877-7407
WA Maxwell James PO Box 531 Lyle
WI Feist Bonnie 288 state Road 46 Amery 715 268-2456
WV Dyke Ashby 41 Hidden Valley Cove Sheperdstown 3042834085
WV Loy Beth 6085 Ford Hill Rd Rio 304 288-1546

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