Breeders File / Herd Prefix application
PLEASE PRINT & Mail this form with appropriate fee to Pedigree International

Farm Name (if used)______________________________________________________

Name ________________________________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip __________________________________________________________

Phone Number ________________________________________

Fax Number __________________________________________

EMAIL ______________________________________________

Website ______________________________________________

Breed to be registered ____________________________________

USDA Scrapie Herd or Flock ID number ____________________________________

PREFIX requested - first choice ___________________

PREFIX requested - second choice ___________________ 

PLEASE NOTE: All  of the above information, with the exception of your herd prefix, will be listed on this website's BREEDERS DIRECTORY unless you request otherwise.

Mail this form with your Breeders File fee to: (make out check or money order to Pedigree International)

See '**' below to calculate your actually Breeders File fee

Pedigree International LC
3326 South First Road
Humansville, MO 65674

Pedigree International does not charge an additional fee to process and issue your Herd Prefix, but includes this service in your initial $25.00 Breeder's File fee.

If opening Your Breeders file in July - Dec. calculate your amount due at $2.10 a month for each month left in this year and add the $25.00 annual fee for next year.

The Breeders File fee is assessed each year and is due on January 1 of each year- you will receive a renewal notice in Oct - Nov of the preceeding year.

Your contact information is listed under all pertinent breeds on the Pedigree International website and we will provide your name and contact information to all those who contact us looking for breeders of the type of animal you have recorded in our database. If you have changes of address, email etc. we will make these changes to the website and our files at no additional charge.

** If you are opening your Breeders File in Feb. - July calculate your amount due at the rate of $2.10 per month left in this year. In October - November of this year you will receive a statement for next years annual fee.