General Guidelines


It is the purpose of Pedigree International™ (a private service company) to record documents and maintain pedigrees and/or bloodlines for various species of livestock. Breeders should note the focus of Pedigree International™ is not on quality, desirability or degree of value present or future of the animals submitted.

Pedigree International™ will register livestock based on the information provided on the Animal Application and maintain these with no relation to quality, desirability and value other than the worth of tracking and maintaining that information.



A. Pedigree International™ shall maintain Herd Books for several species and breeds of livestock as is necessary to meet the needs of those seeking its service. All data submitted becomes the property of Pedigree International™. All data, along with the software used to maintain the data, is the sole property of Pedigree International™.

 B. Every Pedigree/Registration Certificate will be based on the information provided by the applicant on the Animal Application or transfer paper. If an animal has been registered or transferred through error, misrepresentation or fraud, such Pedigree/Registration Certificate is VOID, together with any registration or transfer of progeny. Pedigree International™ assumes no liability for damages arising from such entry or transfer.

 C. The Herd Book of each animal presented for entry will be clearly marked on the Animal Application. by the indiviual submitting the application.

 D. In event of conflict Pedigree International™ will control the final decision. In any situation where the Herd Book is represented by an association Pedigree International™ will 'confer' with that association for input as to the final decision of action.

 E. Pedigree International™ suggests that each applicant take responsibility for presenting for entry only sound and worthy animals.

 F. The Owner of the Dam (the records of Pedigree International™ will determine the ownership if that animal is on file with us) at time of service will be recognized as the Breeder of the Offspring produced by such service. The owner of the Dam, at the time of birth, is responsible for application for registration of the offspring. A completed Service Memo, signed by the owner of the Sire must be used if the Sire and Dam ( at the time of mating) are not owned by the same person.

G. All memos: Service, AI, Embryo Transfer, must be submitted with the original Animal Application.

H. Percent of purity as it applies to all animals less than 100% pure to their breed.

The Percent classification includes a wide range of percentages for does and bucks within the specific Herdbook for any specific Breed. 

•Does under 94% percent are eligible for a percentage registration

•Does from 94% -99% will be considered Purebred.

•Bucks under 96% are eligible for Certificate of Recordation

•Bucks from 96% - 99% will be considered Purebred and receive a Certificate of Registration

•Purebred animals (both Bucks and Does) will top out at 99% and never receive a Fullblood status.



A. In the event that animals are presented for entry from Imported stock, (live, embryos or other genetic material) notation of country of origin shall appear on the Amal Application and proper signed documentation will be provided to Pedigree International™.


A. It is necessary that all applicants that use tattoos as a form of identification have and maintain a HERD PREFIX. This will be a set of letters and/or numbers that identify that breeder. When the breeder* of the animal is a client of Pedigree International™ this herd prefix will precede the animals name ( and follow the herd name) on the Registration Certificate. Should the animal being submitted for registration be an imported animal or the offspring that was conceive prior to importation the 'buyers' herd prefix may be used to precede the animals name; however, Pedigree International™ may elect to also include an identifying prefix of the ORIGINAL 'export' breeder.

*The 'breeder' of an animal is the registered owner of the doe at the time of conception of the of animal being registered.

B.All clients will need to open a Breeders File, they will be assigned a Breeders File number. Clients may also select and use a  herd name and that herd name will be used in the naming of their entries. Clients will also select a Herd Prefix which will be used in the RIGHT EAR OF THE ANIMAL in tattooing.  There is a $25 initial fee for setting up a Breeders File.  Once a client has a Breeders File they may register into any of the herd books for that species.  Different species will require an additional Herd Prefix and Breeders File number.

C. An ANNUAL BREEDERS FILE fee of $35 will be collected in January of each year, from each applicant.  All clients that are paid and current will have his /her herd prefix, herd name and Client Number and place maintained within he database. Applicants with an annual fee more than thirty days past due are subject to the loss of their herd prefix and herd name and account file within Pedigree International's data base.

D. It is important that each animal entered into the Pedigree International data base is properly identified by a tattoo or micro chip prior to the submission of the Animal Application. 



   A.When an animal that is on file within the Pedigree International™ database is sold , it must be transferred to the buyer. A transfer form along with fully filling out the back of the Registration Certificate or the appropriate section of the Animal Application will need to be filled in and submitted to Pedigree International™ with the appropriate fees prior to the entry of any of that animals offspring.


A. Certificates of the design and choosing of Pedigree International™ shall be issued to each animal entered into the database of Pedigree International™. This Certificate will carry the embossed seal of Pedigree International™ .

 B. All fees for application will be submitted to Pedigree International™LC with the Animal Application. Pedigree International™LC will not maintain open accounts and no work will begin until all fees have been submitted by either personal check, farm check, money order or cashiers check.

 C. Certificates are issued based upon the information submitted by the Breeder/Applicant on the Animal Application form. It is the responsibility of the Breeder/Applicant to verify that all information thereon is correct, and to report to Pedigree International™, within THIRTY DAYS, any discrepancies.

 D. Errors on the Certificate due to an error by Pedigree International™ will be corrected free of charge.

 E. Errors on the Certificate due to an error by the Breeder/Applicant will be charged a five dollar correction fee. This fee must be received by Pedigree International™ PRIOR to the return of the corrected Certificate.

F. If any necessary documentation is missing when the 'Animal Application' is submitted Pedigree International™ will issue one letter or phone call to the individual submitting the 'Animal Application' requesting additional information. After thirty days, if the requested information is not received, the 'Animal Application' will be filed in the INACTIVE file and filing fees will be held until the necessary information is submitted.



A. LOST: If a certificate is LOST a 'DUPLICATE' certificate will be issued and the appropriate fee will be charged. This 'duplicate certificate' will be CLEARLY MARKED 'DUPLICATE' and will become the ONLY official certificate recognized by Pedigree International™LC for future processing. At this time the original certificate will be void.

B. REPRINTS: Reprints of Pedigree International™ Certificates are considered replacements and are issued where the original certificate is available but has been defaced, torn, or otherwise unsightly, and subsequently voided. Pedigree International™ will issue a 'new' certificate when the original Certificate is submitted with the appropriate fee.

C. Any certificates or requests submitted to Pedigree International™LC for reprint or replacement without the required fees will be held by Pedigree International™ until the fees are received and a new certificate is issued.



It is necessary that all required documentation be provide at the time of submission of the 'Animal Application'.


•Service Memos

Issued from the Registered Owner of the Sire if natural breeding or the Technician that performed the artificial insemination, if AI. No service memo will be required if the type of service was natural AND IF the Registered owner of the Sire and Dam, the Breeder, and the Applicant are all the same person or entity.

Natural Breeding: A service memo for natural service must be provided stating the Sire's registration number, the Dam's identification and registration number (if applicable), the dates of exposure and must be signed by the REGISTERED owner of the Sire or the Authorized Agent. Please be sure an Authorization form is on file with Pedigree International™ .

*The owner of the Sire should indicate how many does are listed on the form and initial after each doe listed to discourage additional animals being listed after the form has left his possession.

-Artificial Insemination: A service memo for artificial insemination must be provided stating the Sire's registration number, the Dam's identification and registration number (if applicable), the date of insemination, the straw code if frozen, and must be signed by the person who performed the insemination.

-Embryo Transfer: An embryo transfer memo must be provided stating the Sire's registration number, the Dam's registration number, the recipient number, the date of implantation, the straw code if the embryo was frozen, and must be signed by the person who performed the implantation. The identification number of the recipient that carried the animal must be indicated on that animal's application for registration. A service memo is required if the Sire was not owned by the owner of the Dam at the time of breeding.

The owner of the DONOR DOE is responsible for the registration of ALL kids produced from the flushing of that specific DONOR DOE. If the owner of the DONOR DOE sells recipients or is in a 'joint venture' on the flushing of any DONOR DOE that breeder on record of the DONOR DOE is still responsible for the registration and registration fees of ALL kids produced from any single flush. All kids produced from a single flush MUST be registered at the SAME TIME. A group of kids from any single flush will be accepted for registration only ONE TIME. In the event that some embryos were frozen then the owner of the frozen embryos at the time of thawing will be responsible for the registration of all thawed embryos. All appropriate paperwork on the flush//freezing/selling/thawing/implantation of the embryos must be submitted with the animal application.

-Semen Collection Memo: A Semen Collection Memo signed by the Processor who collected semen from the Sire, must be supplied with all applications to register progeny resulting from AI. The semen Collection Memo must contain the Sire's registration number, visible identification, and registered name if applicable, the date the semen was collected, the straw number and the size of straws collected, the number of straws frozen if applicable, and must be signed by the Processor.

NOTE: All agreements made are strictly between the parties involved, Pedigree International™LC is not responsible for determining the outcome of grievance.

Pedigree International™ does not maintain accounts receivable. ALL Animal Applications' will be processed on a PREPAID basis only.


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