All fees apply to Clients with a current and active Breeders File. Fees for Non Clients are double the amount listed.
Non Clients are limited to TWO services per year.  If you need more than two services per year you will need to open a Breeders File.

Annual Fee

In order to register your animals with Pedigree international a active Breeders File is required.  You may obtain that form here.
$25 per year . An annual fee is charged and invoices will be sent during the last quarter of the 'current' year. For those entering mid year there is a pro rated schedule in place. Reinstatement fees will be charged for delinquent accounts.

Animal Application

Registration for all breeds and percentages 
$15 per head

*Non Specific goats: Pack goats, wethers, pet goats, or any other goat that is not considered a 'fullblood' or 'purebred' within an existing database can be registered in the UNITED CAPRINE Herdbook.Registration of these goats allows the owner to comply with USDA scrapie identification without the need to ear tag. If you are in question as to weather your goat fits this classification please contact us.

Mailing Fee

Per address mailing/handling fee: 
In addition to the application, transfer, correction or extended pedigree fees, please include $3.00 per  each address that paperwork will be returned to.  If you are having us send certificates to the new buyer, or multipule buyers, be sure to include $3.00 per EACH address that a packet will be going out to. If work is also coming back to YOU be sure to include $3.00 for your packet also. 

Certificate Transfers

Transfer fees apply to all breeds:
$8.00 per certificate submitted by a 'CURRENT P.I.Client' to a 'CURRENT P.I. Client'
$10.00 per certificate submitted by a 'CURRNT P.I. Client' to be transferred to a 'NON Client'
•Be sure to include the per address mailing/handling fee as stated above.

Registration Applications that carry a transfer AT THE TIME of registration:

Current PI Client  (active and annual fees paid to date) receiving the transfer: No additional charge above the registration fee

• NON Client (does not hold a ACTIVE PI account) receiving the transfer at time of registration: $10.00 per transfer plus the normal registreation fee for the application ($15.00) , plus mailing/handling fee per packet set to the same address.

Certificate Corrections

Due to Applicant error, omission or requesting the addition of information that was not present on the original animal application
$5.00 per Certificate

Due to Pedigree International error:

Duplicate Certificates

Duplicate or Reprint Certificates:
$5.00 per Certificate plus return mailing fee
In the case of the replacement of a LOST certificate the NEW certificate will be marked DUPLICATE and from that time forward ONLY the Duplicate Certificate will be accepted for transfer.

If you are in possession of the original certificate and need a replacement due to damage etc you will need to submit the original certificate before we can send out a reprint that is not marked DUPLICATE.  Note: once a duplicate is issued the original is null and void and is so flagged on the animals account.  If you order a duplicate and find the original be SURE to alert us of this fact.  You will need to return the duplicate and we will need to record the change in the database.

Extended Pedigrees

$5.00 per animal for the first page plus .50 for each additional page necessary to present the entire history of the animal animal:
Extended pedigrees can be obtained only on animals within our database. Extended pedigrees will be printed at the rate of $5.00 per animal for the first page. This provides one page showing five generations. In the event that the pedigree goes deeper than five generations a search will be made for each entry in the last generation shown on the five generation page and additional pages will be provided to carry the pedigree as deep as possible at the cost of .50 (fifty cents) per page printed.  In most of these cases we will need to work with the client on a one on one / as needed basis to figure actual cost.

The ordering of extended pedigrees are limited to clients that hold an active Breeders File.

Adding Additional Information to a Record

$2.50 per record:Additional information may be added to any Animal Record AFTER said animal has been registered for a fee of $2.50 per record. Situations that may make adding more information important is when you have additional pedigree history, or want to add micro chip numbers, birth weights, weaning weights etc. If you request that a new certificate be printed with the added information then the REPRINT fee of $5.00 will be added to the  'additional information service'.

Rush Orders

25.00 per order PLUS $5.00 per certificate with a minimum of $35.00 per order.
If you are in need of a quick turn around on registration certificates for a show or sale etc. We will make every effort to get your work done and back to you in RUSH time. In addition to the Rush Order fee the cost to ship overnight ( can be $25-40 or more depending on time of day and speed by which you need your papers) will also be added to the cost of the rush order if overnight is requested. 

To insure that your work order is processed as a RUSH be SURE to write RUSH on the outside of the envelope AND it is advised that you also send an EMAIL to alert this office that you are sending a RUSH order.  Be advised that incoming mail it added to the WORK basket and not necessarily opened on the day it arrives;hence, unless you alert us that a rush order is coming and write RUSH on the outside of the envelope your envelope will be put in que (which means todays mail goes to the BOTTOM on the basket as work is completed in the order it is received). 

Returned Check Charge: $40 per check and loss of check privilege after the second returned check. 


All appropriate fees must accompany the Animal Application or Transfer before any paper work will begin.

Fees listed are for clients that have an active Breeders File with Pedigree International. If an applicant does not have an active Breeders File all listed fees are triple (work for NON Clients will be limited to two entries, if you have more than two animals that need processing it will be necessary to open an active Breeders File).

 We offer the following helpful forms:

 Breeders File Application| Authorized Agent Form | Animal Transfer Form |
Animal Registration - GOATS | Service Memo| Contact us for Sheep applications

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